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The National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa (SA) identifies job creation as part of the priorities in the alleviation of abject poverty and reduction of income inequality. It is within this common goal that we the Government of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) have reviewed and adopted the Provincial Growth and Development Plan (PGDP).  

In line with the PGDP, the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) for the period 2014 to 2019 sets out a roadmap to tackle urgent challenges as part of long term development. As KZN Provincial Treasury we strive to provide a direct response to the renewed priorities as outlined in both the MTSF and PGDP.   

 We re-emphasise that service delivery initiatives will continue to contribute towards job creation and improvement of the lives of the people. This is the reason why our mission statement seeks to improve KZN Provincial Government’s service delivery by responding to the expectations of all stakeholders in the value chain as key driver through:  

  • Optimum and transparent allocation of financial resources whilst enhancing revenue generation and financial management practices in compliance with applicable legislation and corporate governance principles.
  • ​​Utilising competent and dedicated employees who are at the centre of ensuring best value to our stakeholders.  
Over the years, we have implemented strong focus on prudent management of financial resources and good governance. The latter will ensure efficient budget and expenditure management and accurate financial reporting by municipalities, provincial departments and public entities.  
We have long acknowledged that spending on infrastructure delivery is essential to fuel economic growth and development. It is therefore critical that departments and municipalities are being monitored closely to improve their planning and prioritisation of infrastructure projects. To this end we will continue to assist departments and municipalities with infrastructure planning and procurement processes using the Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS) framework as a uniform approach for the public sector.  

The KZN Provincial Infrastructure Co-ordination work group which the department is actively involved in was established in 2012.The core function of workgroup is tasked to develop the KZN Provincial Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP). The IMP’s key objective is to ensure that strategic infrastructure is developed to support the successful delivery and targets contained in the PGDP.

The route for the next five years has been mapped. With good planning, implementation and dedication, SA and the province of KZN will be able to overcome poverty and income inequality.

Let us tackle this together – for the sake of those whom we serve.


Be the centre of excellence in financial and fiscal management in the country.

To enable the KZN Provincial Government to deliver service to its citizens through:
  • Optimum allocation of financial resources and enhanced revenue generation, while ensuring that all financial transactions adhere to applicable legislation and corporate governance principles.
  • Our competent employees are at the centre of ensuring best value to our stakeholders.

Responsibility, Efficiency, Service Excellence, Financial Discipline,Professionalism,Integrity,Respect and Loyalty.

Core Functions of the Department:


  • Mobilisation of funds for the Provincial Government;
  • Allocation of funds to provincial departments;
  • Preparation of annual and MTEF budgets;
  • Province wide cash management;
  • Provincial financial management through;
  • Budget monitoring and reporting;
    • Internal audit
    • Financial accounting
    • Systems maintenance
  • Advice on procurement policies and procedures in provincial government.
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Office of the MEC

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