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​​​Project Name​

​Project Description

The​ KZN Regional Technology Hub Project​

The project is for the establishment, financing, designing, constructing, management and operating of four technology hubs in the province as per the individual business plans.

The KZN Regional​​​ Sport Destination Project

The project is for the establishment, financing, designing, constructing and operating of a number of regional sport codes and destinations in the province

The Kokstad Light Industrial Park Project

Development of the Light Industrial Park in Kokstad

The Koksatd Siyamoya Eco-complex Project

Development of a Cultural Village, Eco-complex and Community Park in Kokstad

The KZN Venture Capital Project

Establishing and promoting a growing Venture Capital Industry in KZN

The KZN Infrastructure Funding Fair Project

Facilitating and Supporting a Pipe Line of Bankable Private and Public Infrastructure Projects in KZN and Finance Institutions

The KZN CSI Infrastructure Project

Establishment and Management of the KZN SCI Infrastructure Fund

The KZN Crack Team Project

Establish and Deploy  a team of Infrastructure Professionals to support Infrastructure delivery in KZN

The KZN Regional Airport Project

Support the Development , Adoption and Implementation of the KZN Regional Airport Strategy

The KZN Wildlife Funding Options Project

Investigate,​​ Propose and Solicit alternative Funding and Operational Models for the Hospitality Facilities

KZN Economic and Investment Monitor Project

Supply Monthly Macro Economic And Investment Monitors And Data for the Province​

​Test Project for the Training Exercise
​This is a sample project for the department in liue of testing.