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Suppliers Database


In the 2015 budget speech, the Minister of Finance announced the development and future use of the Central Supplier Database (CSD) as a way of simplifying the process of doing business with government.

The Central Supplier Database (CSD) will maintain a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to all organs of state. The CSD will reduce the exchange of compliance documents in paper form, eliminate multiple registrations with different organs of state, and ultimately reduce the cost for both business and government by enabling electronic registration and verification processes.

The CSD will interface with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to verify tax clearance certificates and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for business registration and business ownership information. The CSD will furthermore verify supplier information with the register for tender defaulters and database of restricted suppliers.

From 01st July 2016, the CSD will serve as the single source of key supplier information for organs of state.

Prospective suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities within the South African government are encouraged to self-register directly onto the CSD. The self-registration application represents an expression of interest from the supplier to conduct business with Organs of State.

The following information is required to complete the online registration:

  1. Active Email Address (if not available, you will be assisted in creating an email address);
  2. Valid Cellphone Number;
  3. Identity Number;
  4. Tax Reference Number (if applicable);
  5. Company Registration Number (if applicable);
  6. Bank Account Details

The KZN Provincial Treasury endeavours to provide assistance to suppliers with the self-registration process and suppliers who do not have the capacity to register themselves, may visit the Provincial Treasury Database Office situated at: Treasury House, Ground Floor, 145 Chief Albert Luthuli Road, Pietermaritzburg from 08h00-15h00 Mondays to Fridays.

For further information or queries, please contact 033-897 4624 / 033-897 4212 / 033-897 4516 / 033-897 4497 / 033-897 0474 / 033-897 4437 / 033-897 4676 / 033-897 4509

Email enquiries can be forwarded to:

Suppliers can also forward their Self-Registration Technical Support enquiries to or contact the CSD Call Centre at National Treasury at 012-406 9222


Access the Central Supplier Database on and register as a supplier

Should you wish to obtain further information, kindly access the Supplier Leaflet and the CSD Frequently Asked Questions Leaflet available at:


The KwaZulu Natal Provincial Supplier Database will enable the verification of suppliers registered on the KZN Provincial Suppliers’ Database prior to the implementation of the National Treasury Central Supplier Database.
Please note that suppliers are no longer required to register onto the KZN Provincial Suppliers’ Database with effect from the 01st July 2016. 
To access the KZN Suppliers Database for 1999 – March 2010


To access the KZN suppliers database for 1999 - March 2010: 

Public Search

To access the KZN suppliers database for April 2010 - March 2016,: 

Public Search​                                            Secured/Authorised Search        

For any enquiries and assistance, please feel free to contact our support staff at office number 033 897 4676 or 033 897 4509.